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Hohoe Charity School is a free boarding/day school for orphaned and underprivileged children. 



In 2003 it was noted that there were many children on the streets in Hohoe that were not receiving adequate care or any education.  An orphanage was set up to help as many of those children as possible, in a loving, caring environment and to provide them with an education.



The project started with nothing but the goodwill of a couple of local citizens, gradually individuals from overseas learnt of the orphanage and eventually funds were raised to build two schools and accommodation for the children. The orphanage was run to Government guidelines and Department  of Social Welfare requirements. 



In recent times, however, it was decided that we would better serve the needs of the children and their extended families if we were a free boarding school. As an orphanage families had to “abandon” their children to the Department of Social Welfare before they could be placed with us, this was a very negative situation with a certain amount of social stigma attached, in most cases these families loved their children but simply could not afford to care for them. As a free boarding school we are giving these families a more positive way of helping their children. The families are encouraged to visit on weekends and if they are able, they take their children home for school holidays.



The school is situated in a lovely peaceful area, on the outskirts of Hohoe, there is a modern school house with 8 classrooms for KG1-P6. Day students from the local villages also attend the school for free. In 2012 we added JHS1, 2 & 3 to the school offering those that have graduated from Primary school a quality free Junior High education in small classes, 200+ children are enrolled in the school(2015). March 2014 saw us complete the JHS building and computer lab with internet. Our first JHS3 class graduated & wrote their BECE (West African) exams, all passed & have gone on to SHS. The top 2 students getting excellent marks and securing places in the best SHS in the region.



Education is what will give all these children options for their future which will lift them out of the poverty cycle.They will be “moving forward with the joy of knowledge”.


Hohoe Charity School is a not for profit NGO

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